Could it have been original longer? – Rolling Stone

adminNovember 22, 2018

In the new episode of Rolling Stone Music Now, dedicated to the White Album of the Beatles, Rob Sheffield makes a bold suggestion: Based on the songs discarded in the new edition "Super Deluxe", it could have been simply a triple album. "Not Guilty" by George Harrison and "Junk" by Paul McCartney, both included as powerful acoustic demonstrations, are some of the most notorious omissions, but on the other hand, the Beatles could have abandoned "Bungalow Bill" and "Honey Pie" for make room. To listen to the full discussion between Sheffield, Andy Greene and host Brian Hiatt, press play down or download and subscribe to iTunes or Spotify.

The episode also includes a debate on the remix of Giles Martin's album, which he says is intended to help a song like "Blackbird" exist comfortably next to Ed Sheeran's catalog on broadcast services. Does the revamped version simply recapture the Beatles' original intent as it transcends the technical limitations of the era, or is there a danger of modernizing a classic history and rewriting in the process? In addition, our panel delves into the mythology surrounding the album. Since the new boxed set reveals how collaborative the Beatles were in creating the White Album, how can that be reconciled with the long-standing narrative that it was the moment they split up?

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