Corina Danila, sensitive to her daughter, Rianna! The young woman celebrated 15 years of Christmas

adminDecember 27, 2018

Corina Danila gives rare details of her intimacy, and her daughter Rianna has kept her away from the press. A pictogram for Unica Magazine brings the two to the front in an emotional foot-session, mother-daughter, a hypostasis that depicts them extremely closely.

Rianna, the little girl of Corina Dănilă, is a quiet, discreet teenager, very good at teaching and passionate, like her mother, like a theater.

"My daughter is approaching 15 years and has balls of freshmen, because she doesn't wear one, you have to go to the former colleagues and you need more outfits. I am very good and wonderful, I have a good boy role, for now it is good, it is good, it is good for Romanian and for friend, whatever it is destined to do, I support it in every decision and if she wants to do actress, so will it. At the theater she participates in the rehearsals, she is happy, but she is not active yet, "Corina Dănilă's story on the" Friends of 11 "show from Antena 1.

Corina Danila, you see from Monday to Thursday in the TV series "Primăverii", from TVR2, at 21.00, offered for Click! a soul interview, about the winter holidays.

Click! Where will you spend Christmas but New Year?

Corina Dănilă: We always spend Christmas at home. Rihanna, my daughter, was born on the second Christmas day of December 26 (today). This year it is 15 years and we will celebrate in the family next to the Christmas tree. New Year's Eve comes to Israel, to our diaspora friends. I will stay there for a few days and I will celebrate this year's transition with them.

What Christmas traditions do you have?

We try to smell in the new house, spruce, clean and good food. And of course we listen to carols.

Are you preparing traditional dishes?

This is my mother's help, because I don't have much time. We do not lack charm, good licking fingers, made in Moldova. I think this year we will also have a boa salad, so I can "escape" a little.

Does your daughter go with Carol?

I taught her a carol, but in her group they didn't go with Carol. Maybe now, in the 9th grade, with the new colleagues. He hasn't announced yet, but if he went, I'd be happy.

From your childhood, what memories do you have?

Clearly linked to colind. I remember going with my father to my neighbors, my friends. Then, when I grew up, I went with colleagues to the tub. They were the same sausages, which I recognize their taste and smell, because their mother does them in a certain way. Together with Dad, we made the Christmas tree, we made spikes, we call them cakes and homemade cakes. And Aunt Ana, a pimp of us, made us a cake, one of our dear memories. So, like Christmas, I never miss my oranges, because in the mind the oranges are related to Christmas, so I've left Ceausescus time.

Men in Corina Danila life

Corina Dănilă, 46, was married once, with sports promoter Valentin Moraru, but they divorced in 1999. Later, Corina Dănilă lived a love story with Peter Imre, but the relationship that really changed his life was that with pilot Norris Măgeanu, the father of her girl Rianna, 15 years old. In the past year, Corina has turned a lot of physical and reached an enviable silhouette.

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