Cora Schumacher: New love with Hell's angel roles Lenox again? Pair of pictures deleted

adminDecember 28, 2018

Düsseldorf / Cologne –

Is this a special couple's story after a few days?

Cora Schumacher and her "Hells Angel" have deleted their pair of photos on Instagram.

Whether it also means a love is unclear. After all, they still follow the web portal. For a request, both were previously unavailable.

The story of celebrity love is special. Proud, sunburned, facial: Lenox (36, bourgeois Nabil H.) from Cologne is a special type. A rocker, as he is in the book. Apparently the right one for Cora Schumacher (41). Because she goes to Hell's Angel.

Cora told about her new love. "We've been together for three months and we're very happy."

Cora Schumacher dream man

Cora seems to have a special guy lately. She hinted this already in the summer in the "Celebrity Big Brother" public container: "So 1.89 meters, dark-haired, well-built – and if possible tattooed".

Read HERE, against which rubbish colleague Cora Schumacher rushed in the "Celebrity Big Brother" container!

Furthermore, her dream type is a "survivor" who could protect Cora in the wilderness. Or just in Düsseldorf Schickeria, where the pale Rhinelander was discovered this weekend with its new catch.

Cora Schumacher used to stand on "Normalos"

So far, the 41-year-old has been oriented towards more well-groomed men to middle-class men (in addition to races Ralf, such as a police officer from Bergheim), so now she is a rocker next to her. And what a!

36 years old, muscular, tattooed from head to toe. The male also didn't save his face, decorated it with skulls, crowns and co.

"We even have one thing in common at the same place. Rolex crown on the wrist, says a happy Cora.

Friend apparently wears a swastika tattoo

The Swastika tattoo over Lenox's left hand is another theme. It was therefore already speculated about an elevation position.

The blonde girl knows the alleged Nazi state, to justify: "Lenox is definitely not a Nazi sticker."

Is she perhaps a little blue eye? "I knew someone might think so, but he comes half of Algeria, and then nothing has to do with Nazis," continues Cora.

The Swastika, like the Pixelated rocker on Instagram, is a symbol of luck, according to the Dusseldorf artist. "Swastika (swastika) is considered a symbol of luck in many cultures, and it is also interpreted."

Cora's "Hell Angel" was actually very nice

For a year, the 36-year-old member of Hells Angels in "Charter" Cologne, proudly presents itself as Instagram on Instagram.

What kind of guy is he? We asked a scene inside that even even had relationship with a Hells Angel.

And reports from an alleged "wolf in sheep's clothing":

"He always treated me with respect. Lenox was always polite and polite. I can't say anything negative about him."

We also learned that Lenox was married and has a nine year old daughter whom he should take good care of.

What does the Schumi clan think of Cora's new?

What does Cora's prominent ex Ralf and son David (17, also a racing driver) think of their new love? "As long as she's happy," Ralf commented on her relationship with police officer Thomas Z. (47) in 2015 in an interview with us.

So far, he has not commented on the new relationship with the sons' mother.

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