Cora Schumacher erases all images with Hells Angel Rocker Lenox

adminDecember 28, 2018

Right now, Cora Schumacher revealed she's happy again. She already shared photos on the internet with her new boyfriend. But now, the ordinary stills have disappeared.

Just shortly after Cora Schumacher talked about her young love affair with Hells Angels rocker Lenox, a woman named Kira spoke up. She is Lenox's wife, with him a relationship. While it first appeared that this partnership statement would not hurt, fans are now wondering about a generous deletion on both sides.

Cora Schumacher: The Motorsport deleted all the pictures. (Source: Imago / Pakush)Cora Schumacher: The Motorsport deleted all the pictures. (Source: Imago / Pakush)

For there, where previously it was a common snuggle photo of Cora Schumacher and Lenox, it is now – at least in the case of paraphernalia – lull. Not only the motor sports friend has cleaned up their Instagram profile. Lenox has banished all evidence of love on his part.

Most recently, Lenox posted a video online on their social media profile, commenting on Kira's comments. It said, "Cora is my wife, the other is my ex-wife." Also this video is gone now. Whether deleting the images can have anything to do with their current relationship status, neither Cora Schumacher nor Hells Angel Lenox commented.

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