Cora Schumacher and Hells-Angels Rocker: Pair of pictures deleted! – people

adminDecember 28, 2018

Everything from Cora and her rocker?

For three months now, Cora Schumacher (41, "celebrity big brother") loves Hells Angels rocker Lenox (36, bourgeois Nabil H.). An unusual couple – she, ex-racer wife, he rocks with swastika tattoo and criminal past.

On Thursday night, Cora deleted all the photos shared with Lenox from her Instagram profile. Even with him there is no picture to discover more.

Has the audience been too busy, or should everything be private from now on?

According to the BILD information, Cora and Lenox spent the Christmas together. Recently, the couple had shared a picture with a dog.

On the PICTURE request, neither party was reached on Friday.

Cora and Lenox broke through Dusseldorf in early December

Cora and Lenox snuck in early December through Düsseldorf

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