Cora Schumacher: All images deleted by Lenox at Insta

adminDecember 28, 2018

Is Cora Schumacher (42) scandalous romance over? Celebrity Big Brother competitor surprised his fans just a few days ago with a love tournament: she's head over the heels of "Hells Angels" rocker Lenox in love – shared cuddly photos on social media included! But now it almost looks as if the butterflies have already disappeared in the stomach: Cora has deleted all photos with their friend!

On her otherwise much more active Instagram account are suddenly dead pants. The last post their followers are still seeing is already several weeks old. of Lenox is not even a track anymore. An explanation for that Cora However, she does not deliver a sudden deletion campaign to her fans. But why should the TV blonde suddenly destroy her public love affair?

Shortly after the couple, another woman escaped a stir. LenoxEx-partner Kira still claimed to be married to the tattoo leader. So far it seemed Cora Not to be impressed by it, but maybe the Love Triangle has given a real relationship.

Lenox and Cora SchumacherInstagram / coraschumacherPhotos Gallery Button
Lenox and Cora Schumacher
LenoxInstagram / lenoxaffanew

Lenox's ex KiraInstagram / 00imthequeen00

Lenox's ex Kira

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