Controversy! After criticizing Portuguese and spitting on national monuments, Maite Proença is back – News

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Maite Proença is in Portugal almost ten years later one of the biggest "fires" ever on social networks in Portugal: It was released in Brazil in 2009 in a program called Get out fair, a small amateur video that Maitê Proença had done in Portugal.
In the recent book by Nélson Nunes Who let's burn today?, the actor confessed that she had never returned to Portugal since. Out of fear. He says that even today they call him name on their social network. "Bitch, plain, blunt, idiot, mentally weak, ignorant …"
The fear has won, and the actor already has in the account in Instagram more pictures and videos in the Lisbon area.

According to Saturday, Maitê Proença, this Wednesday 9, leaves Portugal, but plans to return.

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