Confidence Man shares his new Christmas Single

adminNovember 30, 2018

Have a happy Christmas!

Aussie Pop Outfit Confidence Man has revealed his Christmas Santa's Comin & # 39; Down The Chimney & # 39 ;, today (November 30) via heavenly recordings.

You can see the lyrics below.

Singer Janet Planet of the track says: "It's time to pop Bublé's bubble. Cast Mariah into the fire. Christmas has a new sound and it's just become a lot more confident.

"Christmas is not all eggnog and tinsel. Sometimes it's a bit dirty. Sometimes Santa jumps on the plate of cookies and goes straight to whiskey. So do not worry and see what Santa really has been up to. You are welcome to the world. "

It is top rated by Confidence Man's star 2018, whose debut album "Confident Music For Confident People" was one of the year's breakout successes.

They also made their demands as the festival's best live band with a number of fantastic live shows.

The band, composed of singers Janet Planet, Sugar Bones and two guided instrumentalists, Clarence McGuffie and Reggie Goodchild, spoke with NME back in March.

"We are not within the same rules as a normal dance band because we actually have no idea what the hell we do with dance music. Things have proven good because I think people can see the messiness of it and see it in the live show too It's kind of punk-y, "said Planet.

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