Confessions of Smiley: "Yes, I have this VIC!"

adminDecember 30, 2018

"Thanks, unique Romania. Thanks, Smiley's people for votes," was the message Smiley posted on her Instagram account, along with the trophy he had received.

The artist spoke to about his lifestyle. "It's pretty healthy, you know. I don't sleep much, don't overdo any color, I do a little bit of everything: I drink a spritz, I eat what I like. I also do sports, I'd like to do more, but I cannot afford the time. I do music, do what I like about people I like, "announced the artist. After a short break, tough to share his great weakness, he adds:" The sweets are the problem … (laughs) I like sweets very much. What to do … I have my own jokes (laughs) This is the only problem, sweets! "

New Year's Eve, in Craiova

Adrian Sina and Smiley will sing on New Year's Eve in Craiova. The scene will be placed on the A.I. Cuza, between the University and the National Theater, and the organizational team, which will gather and prepare the scene with stage, sound, light and wood screens, have already come to Craiova to have enough time for everything to be perfect in Craiova, the evening of 31 December.

What not to eat on New Year's Eve! Bring big GHINION! Few Romans know it's FORWARD!

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