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adminDecember 27, 2018

Commercial Radio and RFM signs with one tenth in the cumulative eve audience (AAV).

According to the fifth wave of Marktest's Bareme Radio, Media Capital's main radio is 16.6%, while RCOM's radio station is 16.5%.

Already in previous vacancy, the difference between the two national broadcasters was minimal by only half a percentage point to exploit the radio of Pedro Ribeiro, Vasco Palmeirim, Vera Fernandes and Nuno Markl (AAV of 17.2%), with RFM of 16.7% .

The significant study also indicates that RFM was able to expand commercial radio in terms of weekly reach and distance from the public. If in the previous vacancy, it was Comercial that led weekly, now 35.9%, is now the station for the Renaissance group occupying the first position.

The RFM now has a weekly reach of 37.1% (1.6 percentage points more than the previous vacancy), while Commercial Radio, even increasing its range by one percentage point (36.9%) in second place.

In terms of audience share, RFM now owns 24% and Commercial Radio 21.4%. In the previous wave, the two stations were separated by only four tenths, with the RFM leading the audience share.

The M80 remains the bronze medal radio, according to the Marktest study, which increases 0.4% to 6.4%.

The Renaissance takes the fourth position (in the previous wave was tied with Antena 1) by 4.8% of AAV, while Antena 1 is in the fifth position by 4.4%.

Therefore, by analyzing total AAV of radio media groups, Media Capital Radios achieves a total AAV at its 24.6% stations, two tenths of that recorded by the Renascença Multimédia group. Public radios add up to an AAV of 6.1%.

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