Comment on Helene Fischer: Star in the ring

adminDecember 29, 2018

DThis story repeats itself as a farce: "Breathless through the night, until a new day awakens," sings Helene Fischer. And from German schools it goes back: "Unemployed in prison, Helene Fischer has done it."

Alfons Kaiser

Responsible editor for the department "Germany and the world" and Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin.

No, the parody of the most downloaded German song does not pay tribute to the most popular German singer. Such distortions must be achieved. They are reserved for those who are heard in popular culture down to primary school. For what you can say about this singer, you must and must: almost all of Germany listen to you.

Helene Fischer is a phenomenon that does not emerge in the claim that it looks good and makes catchy songs. This would underestimate their work on their own myth – and it would not meet the expectations of the audience, which is not as low as the contempt of Schlager so much.

The singer, in order to make it short, lives off the brilliant combination of a very modern scene with well-produced hands-on anthems and an attractive look. Not even the fast neck of the blouse or skirt, which is even shorter than the excitement of the impatient TV viewer, even shatters a shadow on her flawless public image.

This woman has even managed to make her break from the presenter Florian Silbereisen as a dress song. They went "separate ways as a couple," wrote the singer a week ago, as if they were still a couple. Helene, whom she is called trusting, lies in the middle of us – and yet a few steps further than all the other couples who deliver lossy divorce struggles.

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