Comedy comedy Amal Hamada .. exciting life and sudden death

adminNovember 28, 2018

Comedy comedy Amal Hamada .. exciting life and sudden death
Amal died in his home after being blown up in the brain. Her body will be buried in her hometown Nabatiyeh.

Source: Umniah Abbas – Erm News

The Lebanese social networking website Amal Hamada, who died Tuesday after having a stroke, died at the age of 41, and her life ended with a sudden death.

Amal Hamada drew attention to Alsushal Media and the circulation of activists and its sarcastic videos, which have gained popularity, thanks to the shyness of the shadow and the way in the attack on artists.

A transient sentence of the secret of its fame

Amal Hamada received widespread fame because of a transient phrase, she said in a television interview on a Beirut street, where she said the men had been extinct, so that this part became a bond between them and the public.

Attacks on actors

Amal has attacked many female artists for cosmetic surgery and intensive care, but at the same time has performed many cosmetic operations on her face.

In more than one interview, Hamada said she regretted blowing up, unlike the artists who did not regret it.

She was chased by drug rumors

Amal has been rumored of rumors about cannabis use, when activists circled a sound clip of her and asked someone to bring narcotic cigarettes for abuse.

A lawsuit

The Lebanese actress Nawal al-Zoghbi filed a lawsuit against Amal because of her repeated criticism of her, the latter being her flaw in cosmetic surgery.

As soon as she knew about the matter, she asked Nawal and said, "Do you miss my aunt's house when I tell you to rub your face with snow? Oh Chakra."

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