Colombo takes over the Cali Festival

adminDecember 30, 2018

Colombo, winner of the Cali Festival I TV FAIRdotted line signature1

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Almost full in Cañaveralejo for the night festival, where an inclusion of Salento, pets with encast santacoloma. Antonio Ferrera Completely renewed in his bullfighting ways and ways he heard music reaching bullfights in a round. He was eventually forced to receive the ovation.

Sebastián Castella He received many palm trees in his work from a brazen and distracted bull that took him dangerously.

Out of the third allowed great gloss with capote Luis Bolívar, But no more because he came to the crutch without wanting to hit, he manifests gentleness that flowed in the draft.

Sergio Flores With the fourth, a bull lung, the oars started up in their bullfight of low to natural. They were three continuous series before leaving half a lungs without effect and using fatigue with the sword. The bull was awarded with a return to the ring and the bullfight with an ovation in the third.

Turns off the exit the fifth, making it impossible to perform any tasks. Ginés Marine decided to shorten before the fans' unfair fight.

Very good Jesus Enrique Colombo in the sixth that I place banderillas and bullfighting with technique and joy, fantastic series in round. Great effective force was awarded with the two ears, great winner of the night.

Hierro de Salento - ColombiaBullring of Cañaveralejo (Cali). Night Festival of the Lord of the Crystals Fair. bulls Salento, of varied games, the fourth was awarded with the return to the ring in the draw.logo-Mundo Toro-chips-chronic
Antonio Ferrera, acclaim;
Sebastián Castella,
palm trees;
Luis Bolívar,
Sergio Flores,
Ginés Marin,
Jesus Enrique Colombo
, two ears.

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