Collision 7. When is the new episode? January 10 VIEW TV broadcast stream Why does this evening collision?

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Why does the new part of the crash go 7 tonight? is examined by the public. The collision sequence usually takes place on Thursday at 8 pm every Thursday. However, the new part of the series will not be broadcast this night according to January 10 SHOW TV Broadcasting. Here are the details of the new part of the collision …

When will the new Chapter 7 complete? WHY IS IT NOT CRASH?

When the new episode of the crash to be sent this night was not in the broadcast stream, viewers began to investigate why the new section of the series was not published. Every year the new year, while the advertising agreement for the series is renewed. Arrays cannot run for 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how this process works. The new episode of the crash was not released last week. It is a wonder when the new part of the crash will be released. There was no official statement from the publisher. Once the catalogs advertising agreement is complete, it will continue to be published with new sections. As soon as you get detailed information about the new part of the crash, the details will come to our news.

6. What did you experience in the last part?

In chapter 6 of the collision; Zeynep and Galip & # 39; s telling the plan. This is a knife game, which is one of the smallest mistakes that everyone can lose for everyone. On the other hand, Veli does not stand idle. He contacts Zeynep and Galip. Cemre is a nose nose to death. Kerem finds an opportunity and rushes over to Jacob. Between Kerem, Cemre, Merve and Yakup, the gun explodes and the blood is blurred.

Zeynep is very angry at Galip. He also cries his hatred for years and confesses the past. These confessions, which the Irishman unwillingly overheard, severely damaged their hearts. And now it's time to settle down, Adalı traded. At the same time, the hidden curtains of the past, which transformed Adalı and Veli into brotherhood and brotherhood, will become a whole.


08.00 Take care of yourself – New episode

10.00 Gülperi – Repeat

13.00 Bridal house – new chapter

15.00 With Zahide Yetiş – Live

18.45 Show main news – Live

20.00 Iron Man 3

22.15 Collision

23.45 foreign cinema

02.00 Demet Akbağ with us – between us

03.45 Gülperi – Again

05.45 The age from the child – again


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