Collie Ulmen-Fernandes at VIVA-Aus: "VIVA had no plans. It was the charm" – Berlin

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The transmitter has died this year, with the beginning of the new year finally dead: on New Year's Eve VIVA is turned off! The music channel formed a whole generation, made friends teenagers to stars and gave German children's rooms with current hits.

In 1993, VIVA in Cologne – as a competitor of MTV. The first VJs included Heike Makatsch and Stefan Raab, who were then completely unknown. Collien Ulmen-Fernandes (37) began his TV career on "Bravo TV", joined the competition in 2003.

"I always wanted VIVA, and I was completely happy when I was wooed," she recalls in the PICTURE conversation. She often stood in front of the camera with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (35): "It was always very convenient to be able to moderate with Klaas. He was able to remember numbers as well. I have always given moderations with too many songs to Klaas."

In 2005, VIVA moved from Cologne to Berlin

For Ulmen-Fernandes, the VIVA's departure is related to the move: in 2005, the station was purchased by MTV and it went from Cologne to the capital:

Gone was the boisterous Cologne times, which the presenter likes to remember: "There was a sofa corner where we always drank beer and bridged the time to the next issue. Non-alcoholic, of course," she says, laughing.

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Jan Köppen and the Collie 2009 on the set "VIVA Live"Photo:

She admits, "I mourn the old VIVA times. It was imperfect, had no plan – either in front of or behind the camera. It made the charm." Anyway, she's not happy with today's TV show. "The TV landscape has become so smooth and boring. A little bit of what VIVA used to be would not hurt German television."

Moderator Mola Adebisi (45) sees the end of her former employer sober. "Wow, it took a long time. I'm not surprised, I think it's a shame, the former teenage swarm told BILD.

"Decisive year for me"

What does he link to the music channel? "Excitement, fun, best time. I came to VIVA at the age of 20 and lived there for ten years. These were crucial years for me. I can only thank the sender for getting me up. My salary at VIVA paid me the apartment mine and my car. "

His Funniest Moments at VIVA? "When I was a host, there was a lifestyle Lara Croft doll to win. I couldn't help it and played with the nipple. At the moment the doll collapsed. Then I ended up in Kalkofes Mattscheibe." It was fun. , but I already had problems. "

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Photo: picture alliance / dpa.

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Dieter Gorny (65) was one of the co-founders of VIVAPhoto: picture alliance / dpa.

Dieter Gorny (65) may have forgiven him for the incident in the meantime. The studied musician (double bass, piano and composition) was one of the co-founders of VIVA, remained until 2006.

"Of course there is some nostalgia here, a little disappointed, that the hopes associated with the merger of the VIVA and MTV stations at that time did not work," he told the industry magazine

What made VIVA stand out: "We were the good friend, not the cool and unattainable guy."
Now the music is playing elsewhere.

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