Coarse link to mother Iveta Bartošová: 4 and a half years after suicide war with Rychtář! Who is lying?

adminNovember 27, 2018

Josef Rychtář has sufficiently encouraged the recent statements by Mother Iveta Bartoš Svatavy that her daughter's marriage to the Czech businessman was not alright and she planned to divorce herself. The reporter did not wait for the reaction long and the string sent a rough reference. "When she did not, did not you know her?" Raptor and his family continued. "You've never been to Iveta, you've never helped her."

He responded to mother's confession in the book My Daughter Iveta, who just came out recently. The widow had to comment on the allegations that he kept her away from reality. "Ivetka did not call you at her own will, she always called for my initiative. As for the boulevard, I did not give her anything, had free internet access, I did not limit it in any way. She had a car and she could go anywhere and anywhere. If she wanted to divorce, she would definitely, like with my partners, " Raptor advocates. "Let ivetka sleep in your room and do not dump your own daughter just because you preferred Ivan and Lumira," The widows family was attributed.

The severely broken relationship with the closest family should have been the reason why the singer did not leave a single sheet for parting and why the widow refused to give the singer a rest family. "Ivetka was a star to you while she was at the top. When it did not you did not recognize it. You did not want her and you were surprised that you had another baby after birth. The only one who loved her was the father. As a family you have failed, you are not worthy to own your leftovers. "

Whoever is in the law and the fraudster can certainly argue. However, the timing of the book for the Christmas season is definitely marketing, and the Bartoš family is still open.

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