Cláudia Vieira's mother goes wasted – a television

adminDecember 30, 2018

TV 7 Days magazine brings to the front of the latest edition of the 2018 family drama Cláudia Vieira with exclusive statements from the neighborhood of the actor, Suzete Vieira. The mother of Pedro Teixeira's former companion is accused of picking up garbage and not cleaning the primer next to her house – which is her property.

Suzete Vieira's neighbors report everyday situations leading to the belief that the actor's mother suffers from a mental problem associated with low self-esteem, leading to the accumulation of objects considered to be trash for many.

Using testimonies from the neighbors, it is said that Suzete Vieira goes through the trash bars nearby to gather everything she finds: old clothes, food leftovers (which she gives to the dogs), furniture left, etc., and then depositing garbage near land your home. One of the neighbors also says that Cláudia Vieira's mother, even though he has no problems, asks for food from the neighbors and is supported by them, as part of the argument used by her, is the absence of an order, pension or support of being alone

Another of the complaints from the neighbors of the weekly publication concerns the presence of "bicharada" related to the lack of cleaning of the farm where Suzete lives alone and inherited from her parents. The neighborhood fears not only for the spread of "pests" in connection with snakes and rats, but also for some fires that can spread rapidly due to lack of cleaning, and lack of cleaning inside the house is shared with one ear to say that after a robbery was much of the damage done in food played on the floor, after delaying the owner of the house 5 years to clean the dirt.

The neighborhood says Suzete was not always so, but Suzete worked in an office, leaving her profession to acquire her children and marriage. It is after the separation of her husband and father of her three children that the neighbors begin to experience this kind of behavior of Claudia's, Sergio and Carina Vieira's mother, confirming the pattern associated with the mental illness associated with the accumulation of garbage.

The man of Cláudia Vieira, who was contacted by the magazine, fiercely refused the charges she was targeting and attacking the neighbors, saying they did not know what they were saying. Already Cláudia Vieira, through her agency, said she would not talk about her family, since it was always her position.

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