Cláudia Vieira completes paradise nature – The actor gets rid of cold and goes to the heat of Brazil

adminDecember 29, 2018

Less than three days into New Year, Cláudia Vieira left Kyros of Portugal to enjoy a holiday in a paradise destination.

In social networks, the actor "Soul and Heart", SIC, revealed that she is in Ceará, Brazil, and shared a new tour of the trip.

Next to the stylist Gabriela Pinheiro, responsible for the visual of public figures such as Cláudia Vieira himself, Diana Chaves, Catarina Furtado and Júlia Pinheiro, both have had the most of the heat, the beach and even the nesting horses through the beach.

“The one wanted in Ceará. They have already ridden on the beach, says Cláudia Vieira, in the caption of a photograph shared on Instagram. Gabriela Pinheiro said, "This is how I should start all my days."

See holiday pictures of the actor in our gallery.

"My instinct says I'm going to be a mother"

Claudia shines in the skin of Diana and Benedita, in the novel at night by Carnaxide, and is absolutely enchanted by the character. "It's been amazing. I think I've never been so appreciated as an actress in a sign on television. I've been recognized mainly by colleagues and people in our area," he admitted in an interview with Meghanne Barros, in the Follow Me program.

During the conversation with Meghanne Barros, Cláudia Vieira also says that the little ones Mary is part of your balance. "Within the same values, education is very different from me. She is very well educated and educated. With constant concern, you are good, you are comfortable, you are happy, you are at your disposal to give you the best possible future. Above all, I have a perception that it is another generation, another way of educating. "

Despite acknowledging that Mary is his priority and doing everything to make up for the hectic life she leads, the actor says she never forgets herself:

"I read very well with my role as a mother. I am fully aware that this is really my main role, but I do not give up on myself or my life, nor do I forget myself at any time."

Cláudia Vieira celebrated her 40th birthday relatively recently and says he thinks it was a "shock" for some people. "I do not feel that something has changed. I remain very active, pursue many goals, many dreams to achieve. It is obvious that being older and more aware of some things makes me have a different attitude in some respects. "

As for the possibility of having more children, Cláudia Vieira has no doubt: "My instinct says I'm going to be a mother again, yes," she concludes.

It is recalled that the actor's daughter is the fruit of the old relationship of Claudia Pedro Teixeira. The actor now maintains a relationship with João Alves, which lasted for 4 years.

Text: Márcia Alves; Pictures: Reproduction Instagram

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