Classifying the songs of the Wicked 15th anniversary show.

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The Wicked 15th anniversary special on NBC was magical. So, of course, we should ruin all that sincerity with a ranking of the musical moments of the night.

Here is an interesting fact to impress all your friends who love Broadway: Evil He did not win the Best Musical in the 2004 Tonys.

Everyone assumes that it did so because of its longevity and cultural impact. But he actually lost that coveted musical theater award for Avenue q, dirty Sesame Street Parody that although it is not so visually dazzling as Evil It was innovative and hilarious. Evil However, she won Tonys for costume design, stage design and Best Performance by a leading actress in a musical.

Side note: It was also the year that Hugh Jackman won his Best Performance by a leading actor in a Tony musical for Oz boy. The 2003-04 Broadway season was just one line of assassins from the current and future royalty of Broadway / Hollywood.

Anyway, that was just a fun fact to remind everyone of that as Avenue q, Evil It remains a staple of Broadway 15 years after its Broadway debut. But unlike Avenue q, its footprint of pop culture is much, much bigger. If it makes you feel better Evil for the loss of Tonys, is the 2003 program that won a dazzling anniversary special on NBC, not Avenue q.

A very evil Halloween It was a one-hour celebration. EvilIt is a legacy fandom and still lasting. It included performances by some of the original stars of the program and some fun guests. Although I'm still salty, he put aside my two favorites. Evil songs – "Dancing Through Life" and "No Good Deed" – let's go through the festivities of the night and classify the best Evil numbers.

7. Pentatonix performing "What is this feeling?"

First, let us make it clear that there were no "bad" actions in Evil 15. But the latter comes mainly because Pentatonix, known for its a cappella styles, played this song with the help of background music. That seems to defeat the purpose of having them there in the first place. They did a good job, especially when recreating the chorus of the song that comes approximately in half. But it was not as incredible as it could have been.

6. Adam Lambert and Ledisi's duo in "As long as it's mine"

Once again, there is nothing musically wrong with this performance. Both have incredible voices that harmonize well in this love song between Elphaba and Fiyero. The main problem here is that the original Fiyero of the show, Norbert Leo Butz, was not the one who sang the part of Adam Lambert. To be fair, he was probably too busy to attend Evil 15 Due to his current leading role in the last Broadway play. My beautiful lady adaptation. But Idina Menzel was there, and the fact that this was not her and Butz rekindling her chemistry on stage was legitimately disappointing.

5. The Evil The Broadway company sings "One Short Day"

This was a fun gift for those of us who do not live in New York City and, therefore, we do not have access to the most recent version of Evil on Broadway it looks like It was a nice detail that the contemporary cast of the show had the opportunity to show that EvilThe legacy on stage is in good hands. There was a real pleasure to be bombarded by those exquisite visuals that you do not fully appreciate until you actually see them live. This was undoubtedly the most intricate production of the night, and although "One Short Day" is not exactly one of the exclusive songs of the program, it is still a pleasant way to highlight what Evil It can still be achieved in 2018.

4. Idina Menzel crushes "Defying gravity"

This is probably still EvilThe defining number, a half-open classic that exemplifies Elphaba's inflexible determination when she accepts her new role in the Oz hierarchy. Evil 15 He made the smart decision not to let anyone else try Menzel, since very few people in Broadway history have the vocal abilities that match the height and length of the notes he plays in "Defying Gravity." low as it is in the ranking because she sang a more popular version than most fans know about the show. But you can still play those final notes like nobody else, which is the only thing that really matters.

3. All the Glindas and Elphabas sing "For Good"

What is crescendo to an already incredible evening. This hymn of female empowerment was already meant to be a show-stopper because Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth met in it. But then the Evil 15 The production team made it much more powerful by including a large number of people who have played the roles of Glinda and Elphaba over the years to add their voices. It was an exceptionally goal moment, as everyone sang about how their lives and careers have been "changed forever" by Evil. Same, Evil. Same.

2. Ariana Grande kills "The magician and me".

Sometimes we all need a reminder that Grande really has one of the best pure voices of pop music. Let there be no doubt about it after his interpretation of "El Mago y Yo", a funny but mostly forgettable Elphaba hymn that Grande impregnates with a truly special amount of unbridled joy. Honestly, it's really nice to see Grande again happy on stage after everything that has happened in recent months. Dark days have gone by, and to see her emerge from the other side acting as if her old self were inspiring. We could all use some of that today.

1. Kristin Chenoweth claims her crown in "Popular"

Greetings to Kristin Chenoweth, our queen of comedy and music. It must be argued that "Popular" is an even more omnipresent fact Evil hit that "Defying Gravity," and that's all because of Chenoweth's musical acumen combined with his comedy skills. She took this opportunity to show both skills, taking every opportunity to meddle with the audience while she was crushing EvilThe ironic ode to social position. That fan whose phone he stole to take a selfie is one of the luckiest people on the planet. Chenoweth won A very evil Halloween, proving that she is, in fact, the most popular of all.

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