¿Clasistas? How to handle "Hoy" drivers Julián Gils housekeeper

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The "Hoy" program visited Catita, housekeeper of Julián Gil, in the actor's house, to reveal details of the life of his "boss".

Inside Gil's house, Catita is a member of the family, she even sees Argentinian as a son. You do not have to wear any kind of uniform, you dress your daily clothes to participate in your work.

The maid stated that for her, Julian is a lonely person; "I tell him he is suffering because he is always alone. He has friends, he has this, he has the other, but eventually he is always alone," he said.

"Today" screenshot

To continue counting the actors' intimacy, the production of the morning invited Catita to his forum, and unlike what you saw in his work, before the cameras appeared with a blue apron with the "Today."

Facts that showed the attention of viewers, who did not understand the raison d 'eters of the woman's attire, when Gil's house did not use it.

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"Today" screenshot

"Do you know what I like about you, Catita? They are the ones who take care of us, who help us, you are like Julian's mother," Galilee told Montijo.

While she, as she was entrusted, continued to talk about the "boss": "I say," don't let yourself go, because it's not that they love you so much, just go see what they get. When someone comes, I say, "I'm going to love them very much if they want my employer, the day they don't want it anymore, that's where the relationship ends".

"It's loyalty," said Galilee Montijo.

Catita participated in several segments of the program with the apron placed, and the case at the end of the transfer appeared already without apron.

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