Chrissy Teigen reacts to a very scary haunted house well

adminOctober 26, 2018

Oh, October: a lovely time to carve pumpkins, enjoy seasonal drinks and go through a haunted house to enter the spirit of Halloween. So, of course, Ellen DeGeneres decided to send her friend Chrissy Teigen on a mission to Purge Maze on Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios along with her executive producer Andy Lassner, whom DeGeneres insists on facing her fears every year with several friends Famous as your partner. . (Two years ago, Ariana Grande joined him on his seasonal excursion).

Teigen and Lassner only have to go through the dark and frightening labyrinth for five minutes of fright, but that shows enough time for them to go from screaming to laughing, crying and coming back. And while Lassner can describe himself as an "alpha": "You follow my direction," he insists, as he pushes Teigen through the spooky interior. It's Teigen who's clearly in charge here, even comforting Lassner with a maternal hug when things get especially scary. .

Model, author of cookbooks and Twitter icon Teigen is known for her expressive reactions, and this enchanted tour proves that it is a perfect platform for her to show the full range of fear. Do mannequins become deadly and alive threats? Devils who wield blades? The inhabitants of the darkness who chase Teigen and Lassner into the light, even after they left the house? It's all there. Thank you, Chrissy, for reminding us that the haunted house is not for the faint of heart.

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