At the Glamor Women of the Year awards, Chrissy Teigen talks about the year of women, Janelle Monae exalts the memoirs of Michelle Obama, while Alicia Silverstone urges personal action on climate change. (November 13)

It's okay, Chrissy Teigen, leave it all out!

The author, model and Twitter queen were thrilled to talk about her husband John Legend after he presented her with the Glamor Women's of the Year award on Monday night.

"I'm joking a lot about that, but I really have the most amazing husband on the planet, you're our all," Teigen said through tears, "You made me a woman completely, we've grown together, our family has grown together, our careers have grown together." .

He continued, lightening his speech with some humor: "This is so sad, I'm sorry, I hate it, I did not cry during our wedding, I hate you, John, I really do."

The legend also began to mourn when he handed the prize to his wife, telling the audience a moment when he cried in a dressing room because he felt overwhelmed by the "illustrious company he was in".

"We were celebrating TIME 100 and she felt she did not belong, how could she be worthy of the likes of Oprah, (IMF president) Christine Lagarde, Michelle Obama?" he said through tears. "Well, I'm here to say that you belong here, I think it's been very clear to Glamor magazine and to many millions of people around the world that you are more than worthy of this honor tonight."

Our hearts are melting!

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