Chris Zylka wants the Paris Hilton $ 2M engagement ring back

adminNovember 22, 2018

Reports claim that Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend wants to recover his $ 2 million engagement ring.

But Page Six is ​​told that, in the first place, it was never his, and that Chris Zylka certainly does not have in his hands the huge 20-carat flare now.

We heard that the socialite will keep the bauble that, according to one source, was delivered free to a friend of his, the famous jeweler Michael Greene.

"The ring is yours," says a source close to the couple.

The star of "The Leftovers" proposed to Hilton with the teardrop rock in January in Aspen, Colorado, but they split this week.

While it is estimated that Hilton has a net worth of around $ 300 million, Zylka – a model and actor who has appeared in "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Shark Night 3D", "The People Ive Slept With" and " Piranha 3DD "- is reported to have around $ 4 million in his name.

As soon as they got engaged, they raised their eyebrows at the origin of the expensive stone.

Asked where Zylka got the money for the ring, a spokesperson for the couple told The Post in January that Zylka had taken over the art and was making pieces that "had become very valuable and lucrative." He has very high level clients from all over the world who continually seek their work. "

Meanwhile, the friends of the social society are not surprised by the break.

"She has not been happy in a long time," says the source. "She always paid for everything … Most of her friends thought she would realize at some point that she was too good for him."

The source added: "They came from two different worlds."

Zylka grew up in Ohio and Hilton spent her childhood in New York and in Beverly Hills.

A representative of the actor tells us that our "ring information is incorrect" and that "Chris has his own money". Do your homework."

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