Chris Töpperwien in jungleiren 2019: Zoff with Bastian Yotta – Who is the IBES candidate?

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Chris Töpperwien in the Jungle Camp: The Watson Crown Check

The RTL jungle camp enters the 13th (!) Round. So "IBES" is just around the corner and we look forward to seeing a branch of two weeks of beans, rice and poppy seeds.

To keep track of time, we have tapped into the participant's biographies on the three IBES-relevant aspects: who? why? how?

Here is the ultimate crown control, today with Chris Töpperwien.

How could you know him?

From "Goodbye Germany". Because in the documentary series you could see how Chris was "Currywurst King" in America. In other words, he operates catering cars, apparently quite successfully. In addition, he participated in the 2016 Summer House of Stars.

By the way, the 44-year-old is already with headlines in the run-up – by dancing Bald-camper Bastian Yotta. According to "Bild" the two times were good friends, today they are shared. The reason: Bastian Yotta was during the forest fire in California in 2018 driving in the middle of the disaster site, had to be evacuated from Töpperwien.

Now called Töpperwien Yotta, who also appeared in the RTL Nackedei show "Adam looking for Eve", just "pee", and does not explicitly challenge him to his after the jungle celebration. Yotta, on the other hand, describes currywurst-seller Töpperwien as a "small sausage". So much sausage metaphor, which can be exciting in the camp.

"There is no biz as a snack!" The man has … um, humor !!!!

Need the jungle because …

Chris does not need money in the first place, so we suspect he is concerned about the reputation of his brand or person. Will definitely go well if he philosophises between kangaroo testicles and cockroaches over Currywurst with and without gut.

Jungle King potential

Difficult, difficult. We suspect Chris just wants to make a short detour into the jungle. True to the motto: Look, remember my name and buy my sausages. But who knows, maybe he finds taste in the jungle and can inspire. Yotta Zoff already indicates exciting minutes transfer. We give uncertain 3 out of 5.

Here you will find all candidates:


All candidates in a gallery:

Finally, you can fight with your friends on "Pokémon GO"

Video: Watson / Elisabeth Kochan, Max Biederbeck, Lia Haubner

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