Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth comment on the new movie "Avengers: Infinity War", and why they think they are the best Chrises in Hollywood.

Your parents probably warned you never to hitchhike. But after seeing Chris Hemsworth's post on Instagram on Sunday, you may be questioning his advice.

The actor and his friend Luke Zocchi picked up the musician Scott Hildebrand and took him in a helicopter to a favorite place to surf.

"He picked up a hitchhiker, he was not a serial killer we were excited about," wrote the "Thor" actor in the legend.

At the beginning of the video, Luke says that "they just landed in Brizzy (Brisbane)". Australians see a hitchhiker going the same way: to the mecca of surfing Byron Bay.

"Let's go to Byron, we'll give him a ride," Chris offers.

"Little does he know that we are receiving a helicopter," adds Luke.

They stop for the hitchhiker, Scott. "Welcome to Australia, friend," Luke says, shaking his hand as they offer him a ride, upon learning that he has come from Mexico.

Scott seems a bit overwhelmed in the video, exclaiming "No way!" when he finds out they are taking a helicopter to Byron Bay. And he does not seem to mind his new nickname: Scotty.

Then, everyone crowds into the helicopter: Chris the avenger, Luke the personal trainer of the stars and the hitchhiker Scott with his guitar.

At the end of the video, the hero of the "Avengers" returns Scott to his wandering ways. "Ok, Scotty, let's hitchhike again," says Chris.

MY! The news found Scott, who told them: "The experience was so great and unexpected, they are very nice and I could not believe it was happening."

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