Chris Evans hits Piers Morgan for shaming Daniel Craig for parenting choices

adminOctober 16, 2018

Captain America has the back of James Bond.

It seems Morgan springs He has a problem with men who use baby carriers. The father of four children made his opinion known this week and at the same time he got Twitter to light up by posting a picture of Daniel Craig taking his newborn daughter in a "papoose". Craig is famous for his recurring role as James Bond in the last four installments of the franchise.

"Oh 007 … are not you too? !!! #Indian baby #emasculatedBond, "Morgan subtitled the paparazzi shot on his account.

He was no stranger to incite the digital debate, Morgan quickly found a violent reaction to the comment of the parents, who proudly shared their own photos of themselves carrying their children on the device.

"Imagine believing that carrying your own baby in public is fascinating," replied one woman.

"He's not carrying it, that's my point," Morgan replied. "He's using an emasculating papaose, James Bond would never use a papoose to carry his babies."

Despite all the comments that insist otherwise, Morgan refused to reconsider his controversial opinion.

"Papoose-gate is becoming global tonight, many VERY angry papoose lovers shouted at me openly," he tweeted. "For your information: It will not change my opinion about the papoas, they are ridiculous instruments of emasculation".

Chris Evans He joined the Twitter argument and called Morgan for his position. "You really have to be so unsure of your own masculinity to worry about how another man carries his son," replied the Marvel star. "Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified inside."

The actor's comment seemed to have no effect on the Good morning brittany co-host

While responding mockingly, "Captain America would not use a papoose."

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