Chris Evans hits Piers Morgan for embarrassing his father Daniel Craig

adminOctober 16, 2018

There will be no dad embarrassment on Chris Evans' watch.

On Monday, Piers Morgan tweeted a photo of Daniel Craig carrying his daughter Ella in a baby carrier, which the open columnist called papoose, in New York City.

"Oh 007 … are not you too? !!! #papoose #emasculatedBond," wrote Morgan about the actor, who has starred in four James Bond movies.

In response, the Captain America the First Avenger The star returned fire to the television presenter, 53.

"You really have to be so unsure of your own masculinity to worry about how another man carries his son," wrote Evans, 37. "Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified inside."

Morgan then replied: "Captain America would not use a papoose."

Chris Evans and Piers Morgan

Chris Evans and Piers Morgan

Chris Evans Twitter

In addition to Evans, many social media users criticized Morgan's tweet: especially his use of the word papoose, which is a term used to describe a Native American child and widely considered offensive. It is also a British term for a baby carrier.

In an attempt to explain himself, after a fan hit him saying: "Imagine believing that carrying your own baby in public is fascinating", Morgan wrote: "He is not wearing it, that's my point. emasculant James Bond would never use a papoose to carry his babies. "

Later, he tweeted: "Carrying a baby is a harder job, but it's worth it for the joy without male embarrassment of NOT carrying a papoose."

A number of parents with promptness and pride Shared photos of themselves using baby carriers.

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However, Morgan refused to succumb to the idea and added that "using a papoose does not mean you" care "more about your children …"

He then posted a photo of himself in a tuxedo and suggested that he should play Bond.

"Something is clear after the fierce Papoose-Gate debate: we need a new James Bond, a 007 that looks good in a tuxedo and would not be seen dead in a papoose …" wrote the British presenter.

Morgan and his ex-wife Marion Shalloe have three children: their sons Albert, 17, Spencer, 25 and Stanley, 21. He is also the father of 6-year-old daughter Elise with his wife Celia Walden.

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