Chris Brown denies being the owner of Capuchin Monkey, whom he could return to prison

adminDecember 30, 2018

The singer says that the monkey, with which his daughter played in the video he published in December 2017, belongs to a relative who visited the animal when the authorities did a search and grabbed it.

Chris Brown says the recording of her daughter with the capuchinaben was not made at home. Bang Showbiz

Chris Brown's justice problems don't seem to endabout. Although the rapper has insisted that the scene where his violent nature made him one of the most controversial stars on the music scene, the truth is that last summer was stopped at the end of one of his concerts in Florida. the cause of an old arrest warrant for unknown fees. (Read: Chris Brown is not guilty of an offense complaint)

That deprivation of liberty, which lasted only a few hours, is least of the artist's problems. Now he is facing the legal battle he has with his only daughter's mother about the maintenance pension that he pays for the expenses of his little royalty, and two charges against him for a misdemeanor of possession of an animal belonging to a protected species who could make him return to prison, where he had already spent short periods in 2013 and 2014 to offend his probation and his service to society.

It's about a little monkey called Fiji who is commissioned by the relevant authorities after being seized when the singer's mansion, located in Los Angeles, was registered January 2 after publishing a video on Instagram where his daughter seemed to play with the animal. (You can read: Chris Brown is released after being arrested in Florida)

But Chris Brown claims that the recording was not made at homebut during a visit to Las Vegas where the monkey lived with a family owner. Although there are still doubts, especially why Fiji was found in his home earlier this year. Brown said this was a coincidence, as reported by the TMZ portal, when his family visited Los Angeles with the monkey when the government requisition was conducted.

The music must appear before a judge next February 6th. (Also read: Chris Brown faces lawsuits for sexual abuse)

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