Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review: A party of an exorcism

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By pressing the play button again after a short break from the routine, Sabrina finds herself facing two problems larger than life. Better her than us.

But when he pays more attention, the greatest success comes from the way other characters are at the center of the story this time. Giving other roles of main characters that fit them allows the show to be even more interesting and eliminates the risk of focusing too much on one area.

During episode 6 of season 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and episode 7 of Season 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina has to deal with a demon that possessed Uncle Jesse and threatens to take away her friends next.

Then she must find a way to eliminate the Holiday Feast from existence before Prudence is devoured by the entire clan. Meanwhile, Harvey learns more about his family, and may regret having shown interest in the first place.

And Susie continues to work on her journey with herself along with Roz's search for the truth about the "gifts" of her family.

Mary Wardell in a mood - Sabrina's creepy adventures

"Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale", written by Joshua Conkel and MJ Kaufman, and "Chapter Seven: Feast of the Holidays", written by Oanh Ly comes to play with several rules within the witch community. There is a very entertaining approach to tradition, faith and when that could be a failed system that should be reversed.

This episode duo is a fun way to incorporate even more audiences into the mythology and the world of Greendale; it is not a specific central arc, there is space for continuous adventures, while the puzzle pieces fit into the grand scheme of things.

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Praise, Prudence

First things first, Prudence can enjoy the bath of buttermilk with rose petals while she is known as The Queen is a chilling adventure that confirms what we all knew.

She is pure magic.

Now, after being extremely frustrated by the setback that took place with Prudence as a character and her relationship with Sabrina, it was as if the program personally addressed my complaints.

Dorcas and Agatha: Are we also your daughters?
Father Blackwood: No, they're just orphans.

It was satisfying to return to the way Sabrina and Prudence are in the other's orbit and the way the program valued their interactions.

The theme of faith has been avoided for a while in this program, with darkness and light replacing most of those conversations.

It was worth the wait because Prudence and Sabrina, who were behind their understanding of the faith and their belief in their religion, had a purpose. No conclusion summed up who was right or not, because both have room to believe what they do.

Prudence's faith in the Dark Lord has been her basic element, and serves a well-defined purpose that we can glimpse pure trust in the dark.

Father Blackwood and Prudence - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 7

Sabrina's faith in good and balance is an affirmation of reversing dangerous "rules" that generally cause more suffering. It is what we, as the public, can reason better and, at the same time, question when observing the intimate nature of the coven.

Once again, however, the program continued its theme of how its women rose to power when the world wants to strip them.

This party is brutal, terrifying and unhealthy, but it is an example of another woman who makes a decision that put her in the powerful possession.

Father Blackwood reflects on the chilling adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 7

Prudence addresses this when it prepares to be queen; It's not about being sacrificed, it's about allowing yourself to leave with more control than ever.

That is an idea that occurs again when the girl decides to commit suicide for the greater good, it is easy to label her as a weak follower of a horrible tradition, but it is more difficult to realize how much advantage she had there.

Sabrina and her gang - Sabrina's chilling adventures

She made that choice, and her memory will have more strength behind than she could have had before. She knew exactly what she was doing, and in the end, she got it.

However, the important thing to recognize here is the way in which women interact with each other.

Prudence and Sabrina do not have to like each other, but neither do they have to face each other.

They are beyond that behavior and somehow even serve as friends, those who know each other completely and who challenge each other without worrying about hurt feelings.

The cases of real demonic possession are extremely rare, in spite of what the False God and his propaganda machine would make you believe.


The place where these two are now is when the show works better, it needs their women to interact and work together. That leaves room for further development and value in their interactions together.

The way they interacted also shed some light on Prudence, quite literally.

She is not a villain, and yet she can be mistaken accidentally from time to time.

The Feast of the Holidays served as a reminder that Prudence sees witches' expectations differently, but she is as evil as Sabrina. One is not above the other, and the more time they spend together, the more balance they find among themselves.

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The Harvey Hunts

Harvey should have seen it coming, we should all have done it.

It is not so surprising to discover that Harvey's family is all against what witches fight. And it is a perfect addition to the festival of anguish in which Sabrina's relationship with him is developing.

Frustration over Sabrina's choice to keep her powers secret from Harvey and her friends is growing, especially after these episodes.

Your friends who try to find out what is happening with them confirm that not only would they believe it, but they are ready to listen to all this. If you are going to start around these dangerous things, you need to know what you are facing.

Ross: Is your aunt Zelda a football fan?
Sabrina: All contact sports.

Moreover, Sabrina is your friend, and it's time to be honest with them. She is dragging her feet, and it can be tedious to watch Harvey getting more knowledge of what Sabrina is still hiding from him.

As an audience, it seems inevitable that Harvey finds out and that Sabrina regrets not having revealed it.

It is a secret that is kept for a reason, but how long does Sabrina believe that this secret will last? Your friends are fighting against forces that you are not familiar with, and are more susceptible to becoming targets again.

Ambrose Saves Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 6

That increased in probability when Harvey discovered that his family had killed people. It is not even necessary that there be a complete context for it, it makes sense and it will not end well for him.

However, it is a great indication for us because it is the first time that the witch hunter was revised as a term in the program.

It could be possible that there are no hunters in Greendale, mainly because Conner's death is presented as an isolated incident, since no one else has been named a victim of this yet.

And yet, now there is the possibility that the Kinkle family is involved in this in some way. His grandfather, his father and even his brother were very familiar with hunting and who can say that they are not hiding something too?

Sabrina: Who would do such a thing?
Lady Satan: Men.

Harvey is a good person, that's something Sabrina knows even when she doubts all this. However, being good does not prevent others from wanting to corrupt you or a sequence of events that force you to participate in something sinister.

That's why Harvey needs to know more about what his family did, so he can make a calculated decision about how he will move from there. He also needs it for that little monster that still cools in the mines from time to time.

Is that the Dark Lord? Or are there a lot of demons in Greendale that resemble our nightmares?

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The secret of susie

Susie is discovering what they know about themselves and how much they still do not know.

The journey of uniting your own identity is not fast; It takes time, which is exactly what Susie needs.

Still, the value of representing people who identify themselves as non-binary is crucial, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina allows that to happen at their own pace.

It is important to keep in mind that a non-binary writer handled the story of Susie watching her father talking about his uncle. There is a conscience both on the screen and outside of how this should be addressed.

I'm not an abomination, Sabrina. And I will not be one.


Accurate stories that represent groups that usually (or never) see themselves on television should be written by writers who have the knowledge and can do justice to the plot.

It's just the beginning for Susie; They still have a long way to go, but there was still a lot to take away from their scenes.

Harvey, Roz and Susie - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Something as subtle as Susie that did not correct Roz's grandmother because they were comfortable with the way they went or with the way Susie hinted at Sabrina what she was fighting.

Still, among all these supernatural mysteries and Susie trying to help Roz to discover what could be faced soon, it is necessary to leave room for this.

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Lost thoughts

  • Luke is back. That would be a good choice for Ambrose and his story if we only saw them more. That part of their relationship and lack of communication was not addressed.

    And it makes sense that if an episode has a lot happening, things end up on the cutting board, but Ambrose and his story deserve more attention.

  • Why is Nick still dating? Officially, I've discovered that hugging Nick will be difficult when, once again, he is simply being there.

    He appears to agree with Sabrina on something and once again mentions his father, raises the idea that she tricks Harvey with him and shows up at his house during an orgy. That's all I have, and it seems that he too.

  • Where do they get all those similar dolls? I can have one? And if it's so easy to defeat someone just by getting a doll and hurting it, why did the Spellmans never mention it?

  • Mrs. Satan is impressive with her lies, and yet, it is suspicious that once again strange things happen, no one questions her anymore. She knows what to say to make it seem believable, but it is still confusing that no one has chosen to clarify these claims before trusting her.

  • Sinclair sacrificed himself for Raven so that Dr. Cerberus could hang out in Greendale like a vampire we sent with Aunt Zelda.

  • Kemper's plot comes and goes when necessary, and it's easy to want to go deeper into it. That's why it's surprising and annoying that Conner's parents have committed suicide.

    Add another layer to the story, but it's also sad. They could not know who he really was, and the worry that he was involved in something bad should not have been all they had left.

Were you happy to see Prudence and Sabrina spend more time together? What did you think of that orgy scene? Did any of the participants surprise you?

Did you relate Father Blackwood to Prudence before the great revelation? Are you worried about Harvey's faith now that his family history is expanding? Do you think they will find a way to free Ambrose? Who loves Salem even more now?

Let us know what you think below?

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