Children who have to divorce mother kill father

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The parents of an Englishman murdered by his Chinese wife agreed to become a parental authority to take their grandchild to the UK. That means they have to leave the girl brother with their grandparents in a remote city in northwest China.

Michael Simpson was killed by his wife Weiwei Fu, with whom he had two children

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Ian and Linda Simpson in Suffolk in England wanted Jack, 8, and Alice, 6, moved in with them after their 34-year-old son, Michael, was killed in 2017.

The couple, who are in China, said the judges "pressed hard" to accept this "concession". With this, a legal battle of almost two years ends.

The British couple also agreed to pay financial compensation of around £ 10,000 for their son's killer family.

& # 39; They Won't Let Us Talk to Kids & # 39;

Ian has accepted a deal that allows his grandchild Jack to stay in China

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The couple said they would not "divorce the children," but now expect to come home with Alice in the new year.

Last week, Simpson told the BBC that judges in China did not provide "many options". "The family let's see the kids once in 21 months," he said.

"We can't call them, send gifts, send cards … They don't talk to us."

Michael was in the middle of a "very difficult" divorce when he was stabbed to death

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Weiwei Fu earns a lifetime for Michael's murder of the apartment in Shanghai in March 2017. She and Michael met and got married after moving to China to work as a retailer at Next.

An investigation in England found that he was stabbed to death during a "heated discussion" at a time when he experienced a "rather difficult" divorce. Another woman they were in the apartment was also injured.

Michael and Weiwei had lived in their own homes for a year, and after Michael's family, the children spent more time with him.

Since the murder, Jack and Alice have lived with their Chinese grandparents in Nanzhang, sharing a room with their cousin without knowing what happened to their mother or father.

Cool fights

Simpson said the judges in China did not give them "many options"

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In the legal battle, Ian and Linda Simpson hoped to reach an agreement with the Chinese family after Weiwei's attempt. "Losing Michael left a hole in our family," Ian said in July this year.

"If the children are taken away from us now, it is as if they are destroying the whole family."

They offered money and an "official trust" to the relatives who care about the children. "Forgiveness" would reduce Weiwe's condemnation – all in exchange for Jack and Alice's guard. But there was no deal at that time.

The grandmothers even accused Weiwei's brother of extortion. They said they had met a lawyer requesting payment of more than 60,000 pounds ($ 300,000) for the child's custody.

"I can't believe they would let their daughter get stuck so long just for this," Ian said.

The Chinese family refused to use the children to get money from the other grandparents.

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