Cheryl hits back on "diva" claims after she is accused of requiring empty corridors

adminNovember 27, 2018

Cheryl has reverted to claims she showed some serious diva behavior this weekend.

The former Girls Aloud star took on the stage at Hits Radio Live in Manchester on Sunday to keep coming back.

After her X Factor performance was called "disastrous", the Geordie child stood up in front of a living audience to do her thing.

Despite setting up backstage for fun photos with Little Mix and Mabel, it was said that she had made a number of diva requirements.

One source had told The Sun: "Cheryl did a great job on her Instagram profile, so it seemed that she was the most accessible A listener ever, sent pictures with Mabel and showed videos of her who was about to dance in her dressing room.

Cheryl's reps refused the diva requirements

"But the reality could not be more different. Cheryl clearly had her dressing room and corridors and surroundings when she was nearby.

"She just stood with Mabel, who is a singer as herself, for a picture while it happened."

The source also claimed that Cheryl did very little pressure, apart from the photo call and a quick conversation with Hits Radio, who hosted the event.

Representatives of Cheryl have, however, fiercely reversed the requirements and said that it could not be any longer from the truth.

Cheryl makes up with Little Mix

The star's reps told Mirror Online: "This story is inaccurate and is not true."

This is not the first time Cheryl has reverted to claiming diva behavior.

She recently confronted that her dreams of a West End role were dunked when producers decided to choose Caroline Flack instead.

Cheryl gets a picture with Mabel

Cheryl's representatives were forced to deny allegations that chiefs of musical Chicago had withdrawn from negotiations with Cheryl after being tired of her demands.

They told us: "We can confirm that Cheryl was approaching an offer to take the role, but threw it down."

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