Chefs on knives. Season 6. The amulet used by Bontea chef created a devastating domino effect

adminDecember 26, 2018

An edition full of surprises! Chef Bontea used one of the amulets and changed Mona and Silviu, the red team's gold knife. The movement triggered a series of events that led to the elimination of Mone, following the duel with Ana Maria Crudu.

A new round of confrontation begins with Chefi at Knives. Tonight is the theme of the preparations "Colors in the plate"And the sentence will give him special guests. Horia Brenciu and his orchestra will judge the team confrontation tonight!

Chef Bontea was left with four people in the team after eliminating the latest edition. Certainly to reclaim the ground, make progress The amulet that a competitor can change from the team with each other. And his choice means disaster for Chef Dumitrescus team.

Mona Siantiu changes the blue apron to the red and red reds and Silviu joins the blue team.

Chef Florin Dumitrescu bowed, after taking "Golden Knife": "I'm too nervous and too stressed and too criticized for accepting Bontea's jokes or Scarlate's jokes. When I see them go past my bench, I get annoyed ten times more because I understand what miseries have done to me. "

The yellow team feels relaxed today after they have escaped live and unlucky from meeting Bontea's amulet. When you are cheerful, you come up with all sorts of nasty ideas, like trying to sabote "colleagues" from the other two teams.

Horia Brenciu and his orchestra warm up before they meet with the three types made by the chef's team. When the time has come judge preparations, opinions were shared. The dessert of the yellow layer was astonished by the plating and the perfect combination of flavors, another preparation impressed by the refinement, and the third seemed "the most worked plate".

Great chefs in the kitchen "Chefi at knives". The voice given by Horia Brenciu and his orchestra has begun to come, and the situation is more than tense. After a close match, the blue team avoids the elimination test, is selected The winner of the test.

The yellow team and the red team have gone for elimination! Example theme: Flambé.

His move, Bontea, had a devastating effect on Florin Dumitresc's team. While the teams are struggling with Flambat, the bosses gave all the cards on the face.

The topic of evidence is a difficult one for many competitors. Ana Maria Crudu learned to flame during elimination trials, from teammates.

For the three cooks, the fiery test was simple and extremely generousAlmost all preparations are prepared in this way. Only the home account did not match the show, and the three were disappointed with the competitor's records.

At the end of the elimination test, Ana Maria and Mona scored the same score and counted on the opportunity to continue to the Chefi Knife competition.

Both competitors had major problems in the kitchen, and this can be seen with the naked eye. But some have to leave the competition, and cChore chosen to leave "Chefi at knives" is Mona.

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