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adminDecember 26, 2018

Chef on knives December 25th. A new Chefi edition on knives was sent by Antena 1 on Christmas Eve 25 December at 20:00. A competitor was eliminated at the end of the show.

UPDATE: Mona's red layers are eliminated. She lost Ana Maria Crudu. It's a tough shot for boss Bontea because he decided to send it to the red team in exchange for Silviu.

UPDATE: At the end of the elimination test, Ana Maria Crudu and Mona had the same score and came to pay for the chance to go to Chefi on knives. They had 30 minutes to cook pasta.

UPDATE: The theme of the duel test is fiery. "I know what's flaming, but I've never done it!" Ana Maria Crudu said.

UPDATE: Red and yellow layers enter the duel. The Bontea team has won the test!

UPDATE: Chef Florin Dumitrescu barely accepts Silvius's loss from the red team and is becoming increasingly nervous. "I am too nervous and too stressed and furious now to accept Bontea's jokes or Scarlate's jokes. .

UPDATE: Tough shots for the red team! Chef Bontea used the amulet and took Chef Dumitrescus "Golden Knife". Mona Siantiu gave the blue apron the red, and Silviu entered the blue team.


Chef on knives December 25th. The fourth team confrontation will be judged this time by Horia Brenciu and his orchestra.

"Colors in the album" is the theme of the first test, and the one who chooses the colors and distributes the other teams competes is Florin Dumitrescu, because today he won the team confrontation. "Colors in the dish can put some, but they must taste," says Sorin Bontea, chef.

Chef on knives December 25th. On Christmas Eve, invited to taste and judge the plates of the three teams are Horia Brenciu and his orchestra. Chef Florin Dumitrescu is convinced that he has an advantage because he knows their taste: "They are very interesting people, very beautiful, but I also know them culinary!" He expects normal food that he can recognize.

As true gourmets, Horia Brenciu and his colleagues know how to appreciate the colorful dishes set in front: "That's why I kept a slice of cake, I knew I should come to" Chefi on knives. "Let's leave something on the plate, my dear colleagues, we are civilized people," screams Horia Brenciu.

Chef on knives December 25th. Who will win the fourth team confrontation?

Which discs will choose special invitations, which will win the fourth team confrontation, which will be dueling troops, and which will be the early decision of the individual test, viewers can see on Tuesday night in a new Special Edition "Chefi at Knives" from 20: 00.

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Chef on knives December 24 unexpected dismantling

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