CHEFI KNIVES LIVE. Bad news for Cătălin Scărlătescu after the show on Monday

adminJanuary 8, 2019

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE. The fifth team game in the sixth season of the most beloved culinary show, Chefi at Knives, was an extremely excited one, where the three chefs, Cătălin Scărlătescu, Florin Dumitrescu and Sorin Bontea and the 14 participants in their team felt strong pressure on the work bench. The theme of the team test was Monday night with … many layers, that is, food in layers, which have the main ingredients potato, pastries and pasta. The preparations made by the three teams, yellow, blue and red, led by Cătălin Scărlătescu, chef Sorin Bontea and chef Florin Dumitrescu, were convicted in this edition of special evening invitations, rally pilots. At the end of the season, Marian Rusu was eliminated from the team led by Scarlatecs.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE Because he won the previous match, Bontea was the one who liked the privilege of choosing the ingredient and sharing the other two colleagues in the other teams. For him, he kept the potato and offered his chef Dumitrescu chef, and his lime Scarlatecs. "Therefore, he stopped the potato because he won the last time with nutmeg," an explanatory chef Florin Dumitrescu found.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE In the 75 minutes that were made available, the three teams had made some kind of food in layers. Scarlatte's bell-lashes made lasagna, his bluebok Bontea chose the muscle, while the chef Dumitrescu's tomatoes risked and went to the desert, preparing a millefeuille with mascarpone cream and vanilla cream.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE "Today we break them, we break them! Today we win!", They said at the beginning of the test chefs from the red team. And they were right, for the special guests in the edition, rally pilots who judged the three preparations considered the desert to be most to their liking. It was the third match won by Florin Dumitrescu in the current season.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE "Today there was a very strange thrill on the plateau, great. We see that we are approaching the final. Today I fought" against the blood. "My team began to get to know each other very well and I liked that people trust them , the winner of the evening said Florin Dumitrescu.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE "I am sorry because we have not been inspired and focused and because we have not been able to benefit from the benefit we have had. We tried to confuse others, we did not think about what to do and everything turned to us. , Bontea said at the end of the test.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE The evening duel brought the yellow and blue teams back to the workbench again, on a … gratinated theme, because each competitor had to make something in just 60 minutes gratin. The term "gratin" has created problems for competitors, many of which do not know exactly what this means. At the end of the test there was not enough gratin in enough plates.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE The participant who scored the lowest score given by chefs, as he was eliminated from the competition, was Marian Rusu, from the yellow team. "I feel like I just lost my hand. I was too ambitious … But I'm glad I met beautiful people here. I wish them success in other competitors and the best to win," said Marian, with tears in his eyes. This is the first competitor Scarlatecs will lose in the battles.

CHEFI KNIVES LIVE "I'm sorry that the one who has to leave is from the yellow team. Sorry he didn't exceed his condition, does something good," says Scarlatecs.

CHEFI KNIVES IT Culinary battle continues tonight, from 8pm, to Antena 1, with sixth team competition at Chefi at Knives, a confrontation from which excitement, emotions and outbursts will not be missed from the bench.

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