Cheating in the jungle camp: So easy are the disgust tests

adminJanuary 9, 2019

They are probably the most unpleasant part of C celebrities of "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!": The Jungle Exams. But apparently, the stars do not need to shake so much before the disgusting challenges.

No one would swap with the participants in the jungle ring in those moments! In the jungle exams, candidates each year have to feed mold and pork or litter in tight caves with crocodiles and giant spiders. At first glance, a nightmare – but in reality should be more a trip.

In the Jungle Camp at RTL

Disgust dinner with spider snack

The second part of the episode "Image" about the RTL reality show is about the jungle test, and much of it comes to light. The biggest surprise: The culinary challenges should not be so difficult. A team of English chefs who have the task that the disgusting dishes look disgusting, but shouldn't taste it.

For example, the infamous Kotzfrucht drink consists largely of milk and water – and only a small portion of smelly durian is added. Even with solid food, it doesn't need much to overcome! Whether pork or camel pork, the meat tastes pretty much nothing. Just tough to chew must be the whole thing.

Artificial spider web and toy glue

Even in tests where the candidates have to fight through obstacle courses, anything but dangerous. Because not even the cobwebs should be real. According to an anonymous ex-candidate, they even taste like sugar. However, RTL insists that only partially artificial cobwebs are used. What the broadcaster confirms is that the disgusting mucus that appears on TV as smelly is just a colorless version of the child's slime found in any toy store.

Every day "The Jungle Camp" provides tasks with a discomfort factor

In the jungle, rats go

The watercolor and gigantic scorpions used in the tests are only very rare and even in front of the crocodiles, the candidates must not be afraid. The animals are blindfolded before the jungle exams.

The biggest danger in the jungle camp: slip! Therefore, RTL not only instructs the participants, but also the employees who always have robust shoes. And therefore, C celebrities are only allowed to use a toilet as a couple – in case someone falls for it. (Klm)

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