Chapter 3 Challenge 4 Elements

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The air element flies a layer directly to the dreaded underworld.

Today, the item is Air. Mayans called this element "creative breathing" because it gave life, but they also sometimes called it a "storm wind" because of its devastating power.

The five teams must show on the track how this item treats them. Will they treat them with the favor of victory or with bitterness of defeat?

The first challenge will be played five layers, the winning team will go to village immediately and four layers Losers must compete again in the big track air.

Two winning teams return to the village and the two losing teams that must meet each other to define who goes to the village or the underworld.

Before going through under, a participant of the losing team must face the face Challenge of purgatory which consists of walking through a path of hot stones while reciting a prayer. If you manage to overcome the challenge, you will immediately go to the dreaded Underworld.

Physical strength, mental strength, balance, goals and good attitude make the teams achieve victory in this challenge.

Which layer will better control the air?

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