Challenge 4 Elements: Sandra Muñoz, criticism center for her performance

adminJanuary 10, 2019

& # 39; Challenge 4 Elements & # 39; started and the first competitions showed the achievements of the teams and each of the participants making up the first edition of the reality show of RCN channel.

The groups had to work as a team to focus their energies and reach the first places in the tests that measured their abilities. But the difficulties became apparent and Some competitors showed their weaker side.

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This is the case Sandra Muñoz, a recognized presenter and model, which became the center of comments among Internet users, who expressed their disagreement the physical performance that gave the start of reality.

During discharge of the first chapter in & # 39; Challenge 4 Elements & # 39;, Muñoz was quite left in every challenge who had to pass the participants, unlike their peers, who were able to show a much stronger and warmer side.

His low performance led his team to live at the end of the episode & # 39; inframundo & # 39;, a cave or territory where the inhabitants must adapt to absolute darkness and to "spirits that are there", Explained the driver of the program, Edgar Vittorino.

Guillermo Garcés, member of the same team Muñoz, did not hesitate to blame the model for the defeat they had in front of the other groups.

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"I'm uncomfortable because we arrived at the" Underworld "obviously because of a bug in Sandra, so I feel like a lion that should at times," the participants said.

Gustavo Blanco and Edward & # 39; The Shirry & # 39; They were responsible for raising Sandra Muñoz's low performance in the competition and the mistakes this showed. Therefore, both characters call the presenter as & # 39; Muñoz bricks & # 39;.

The interns described Muñoz as a "loose competitor".

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