Çetin Çiftçioğlu: The biggest joke has made me life

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Çetin Çiftçioğlu, aka Şakacı, who made everyone laugh at 7 to 70 with his jokes, leads a life away from cameras today.
Çiftçioğlu says he has been unemployed for 10 years, spoke to GUNAYDIN.
– & # 39; What should I do? & # 39; I decided on TV.
I have 40 years to make this decision. I thought about where to start.
No one wanted to look in my face because I'm not a TV guy. I found a project. I took one of the channels, I became a server in another project, but I was fired eight weeks later. I took the project with Levent Altınay, "Your jokes with how," he asked, "I like to laugh," I said. I wrote 10 jokes, "Funny" started, then Joker came into play. For three years we had a weird summit. We were sincere, we did jokes, and nothing was fiction.

I didn't go to America

– One day I talk to Muslims. I am a blowout, orchestra and servers. When I play darbuka Muslüm Baba coming into the whole song, I made a mistake. He looked back, "What the hell?" he said. They immediately explained: "Darbukac's wife gave birth, we arranged one of the side studios." "Now, let's go to the song again," he said.
Once again we came in again, again. I made a mistake four times in the same song and gave it a four times chance. Then I said the truth and said, "We've done a joke." He looked at it, laughed, "In fact, he must wave, I'm jealous," he said, and we finished there.
– I've been interested in music lately.
While I was in primary school, the monthly broadcasts were to be held, and I lived in the orphanage. Meanwhile, my family didn't give it, I went to my own will. The first time I was at the age of 10, I was on stage. Then I was on the band.
When I went to Balıkesir to do my military service, I went straight to the military house. I'm a drummer or maybe I thought they needed me.
When I said "drummer", they pushed me as if they were in the neck, drummers a little shaved. They immediately dressed me in the orchestra shirt, I went on stage. The generals, Colonel, sitting in front of me, I play drums. Then I worked with Erol Büyükburç. And then I said, "I'm out of this country." I was on my way to America, but they turned the ship into Buyukdere. I found myself in Cyprus on my way to America.
I got off the ship in Cyprus.
I stayed there for a year, when "joke" began.

& # 39; 3 DAYS BABY DEAD & # 39;

– Life has made me jokes. These include accident and grief.
There is a joker that people will see, and it is Çetin Çiftçioğlu at the bottom of the joker.
But if I come to this period from my childhood, happiness does not come from sadness, ghost
– I lost my dad when I was 3.
I came to Istanbul for the funeral with a ferry from Zonguldak.
When I got back to my ship to pick up my bags and tell my mother, "Wait for me here," I started walking toward Yeni Cami.
I remember very well, I was surprised.
The first time I saw a mosque that was so great. I had a red jacket on me, my dad got it on my birthday, so my favorite color is red.
Now the new mosque is in place, the bridges are the same, I think of my mother while walking …
When the people caught me, I said, "Joker, what's going on?" He says. See what he's living in, and what's going on out there. I sold Galata Bridge at the age of three, in a 40 year old joke.
– This is the most ruthless joke that life has ever made for me. I've been unemployed for 10 years. Either I have been sentenced to a divine or there is another reason I do not know. I'm on the public agenda, but I'm not on screens. People say to me, "We miss you." My shock mission is not over, I have a right on TV. They haven't hired me for 10 years. Is this a joke that life has made for me? So when you want to explain is a joke; This joke took a long time.
One day we met President Erdogan; We sat, talked. "I don't see you," I said, "I'm unemployed." He said, "You're kidding."

Prisons for morality I'd like to give

– Is there work in Sirnak? pattern removal; I do my profession without distinguishing between language, religion, race. But the turns are zero, no request. My enthusiasm is gone, not against my profession, but against them. I don't want help from the municipality, I want to do my job. For example, I will do my job in prisons; Let people do moral days, let me walk around prison prison. I have done my humanitarian duty and I take my soup.
– I hope for the second half. I can't get my car because the tax office provides a foreclosure. I'm not saying that to make you feel sorry, I just want the other half. I don't know your time, but I know I have a new shot on television, I think this joke is over.

I went to talk to HIGH SHOES

– When I went to Star TV many years ago, my shoe was six holes, so the water didn't come in, so I tied a tarp. I didn't want to raise my feet in the corridors. But I'm so glad I've been through those days.

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