Cerqueira Gomes and "admiration" of Cristina. Maria tells how she feels on TVI

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Manuel Luís Goucha's new partner came to TVI on January 2, came from Porto Canal and brought with him the difficult task of replacing in the morning to Queluz, Cristina Ferreira, who had announced in the summer that he was not renewed contract with TVI and associated transfer to SIC.

The arrival of Manel and Maria to the screen was well received, and until Monday, the day it premiered Cristina program, the results of You are on TV! was promising. In yours blog, Come on Mary, Maria Cerqueira Gomes took stock of the first days of TVI. "At the end of 2018, the good opportunity for my career is Manuel Luís Goucha" wishes you "as a fellow student, in my opinion, most of what any television presenter could wish for his career., wrote Goucha's partner.

In the same text, Cerqueira Gomes is tireless in the roses he weaves to Manuel Luís. "The professional of excellence in entertainment TV and who has proven to be an even better person. It makes everything seem so easy …" wrote Mary.

In this retrospective to his career, he admits "Been thrown to lions" During her first step in the Porto Canal, the presenter highlights & # 39; The Reality of Working on the TV Audience Leader & # 39; "I was mentally prepared for the exposure that I would be sent in. The problem is that it was impossible to prepare for what I have seen daily in the press and social networks. wrote the new face to TVI.

The comparisons with its predecessor have been constant and nothing seems to go unnoticed to Porto, which appeals to less "War, exchange of insults [e] completely fictitious news » and encourage greater emphasis on issues such as "admiration [tem] by Cristina Ferreira and by the competition, who wants to be healthy.

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