"Cerebral veganism?": The whole forehead is tattooed to preach your lifestyle

adminDecember 29, 2018

A vegan from the Russian city of Samara, Sergei Vavilov, wrote on his Instagram account a picture of the new tattoo on his forehead. Literally, it speaks for itself: "Vegan straight edge", the tattoo says.

But straight edge is also a term that means a lifestyle, whose followers follow a commitment forever Refrain from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. While vegan they are reject the consumption of products of animal originsuch as meat, fish, milk or cheese, either for ethical or health reasons.

Apparently the young man wanted the bold way Show all your commitments to this rigorous movement. The users of the network were divided into two groups: some expressed their approval and admiration for such a solid conviction, while others treated it with sarcasm, to describe it as "cerebral veganism".

"Cool, now you don't have to tell everyone about your lifestyle …" one of them joked.

"I'm also right, you have full support," wrote another, "but don't you think it's too provocative?" "Well, no, that's okay," Vavilov replied.

The phenomenon of veganism has become very popular in recent times. Some followers of this lifestyle maintain an even stricter diet, known as raw veganism, which involves feeding only vegetables in a natural state without being cooked.

Meanwhile, the assumptions Health benefits of following such criteria are a very controversial problem. Dieticians maintain that the renunciation of eating meat leads to the lack of enough proteins, vitamins and nutrients to lead a healthy life.

According to a group of researchers from Oxford University, people who stop using animal products reduce their brain size due to lack of vitamin B12. However, another study shows that those who follow a vegan diet for over 17 years live up to 3.6 years more.

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