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Thursday 29 November

Interview – Mona Al-Moji:

For more than 30 years, he has been an integral part of one of the most important film festivals in the Arab region, and in the world as the holder of the international character, endless memories have accumulated in this device and hope he hopes to achieve. ", The Great Film Criticist Yusuf Sharif Rizkallah.

"Masrawy" spoke to the great critic, about his assessment of the session, which ended recently with a closing ceremony held in Egypt's opera house, for dialogue ..

First of all, congratulations to honor … Did you know that the festival president, Mohamed Hafez, will honor you at the opening ceremony?

I only knew three days before that. Party leader, Mohamed Hafezi and my two deputies, Ahmed Shawki, arranged it. It was a nice and happy surprise for me.

What memories do you have while honoring a try you have done this year where you were part of the festival?

For over 30 years, I have collaborated with almost all of the festival's leaders, with the exception of critic Samir Farid, who has prevented me from working with him. Each president from Saad Eddin Wahba to Izzat Abu Auf and Majda Wassef had a different form of work, I was in charge of the film choices, and everyone fired my hand the way I see it. At this session, I collaborated with Safi and did not interfere with the choices. I had the freedom to choose films to attend the festival and inform me informally that the jury this year is very good with movies and a discussion among members of the awards because there are a large number of films worthy of prizes.

What do you consider of the 40th session of the Cairo International Film Festival?

The evaluation is up to the audience, critics and journalists who followed the festival and its activities, but I can say that this season has seen a lot of activity in the movies, seminars and meetings with festival guests or the Cairo Film Festival, with great film personalities like Peter Greenway and Rural Vines and others were all that embraced the festival, and thanks to a contract with a European press film, there were about 30 foreign journalists covering the festival in foreign newspapers.

Was this not available in previous sessions?

It was available in a smaller number, about 15 journalists, but in this season the number is bigger and the magazines are important and important, which is important for the festival's reputation.

What about the censorship role in the fasting session. Have you protested against certain movies?

The censorship rejected a movie and there are six movies I requested to show once, unlike the festival that shows the movie twice, including 3 films in the official competition and their guests are available. We contacted the censorship leader, Dr. Khalid Abdel Jalil. He asked him to exclude these films and let them be shown twice. Position was agreed.

What was the object of the opposition?

Movies they saw, had pornographic scenes.

Did they include the "limit"?

No, this movie was not shown due to a technical issue.

How did you attack someone on the selection of young items in the rape committees in the fortunate session?

Is not convinced of such criticism because those who have joined the arbitration committees ultimately voted for example 9 members will not affect the final outcome in one way or another and will be reflected real benefit for this person through discussions about movies, one of the festival's roles.

The 40th session included a number of Egyptian films in different competitions. Have you applied this in order not to repeat criticism of the absence of the Egyptian film about the Cairo Film Festival?

"Unfortunately, we have had a screening of Ahmed Abdullah Al-Sayed's" An Outside Night "film, to be screened at the Dubai Film Festival. The other films will be closed in stages. With our selection of movies, we received them, including:" None is there "," toxic response "and" kilo 64 ", was a golden opportunity to exist this number, whether we agreed or disagree.

What are the weaknesses of the 40th session at the Cairo International Film Festival?

I hope the budget is getting bigger, I mean those decided by the Ministry of Culture for the festival and I hope the ministry will double the budget for the next session because everything has increased its price and the films presented in the various events we receive in return. I do not want to be able to evaluate the festival because I'm a participant.

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