Cem Yilmazaşlar out of the words with the hard answer from Cem Yilmaz: Slowly you get out

adminDecember 30, 2018

Successful comedian Cem Yilmaz, director of corporate communication at a cinema company Aslı Irmak Acar & # 39; in "Cem Yilmaz, will be another Cem Yilmaz," he gave a very hard answer. Yilmaz social media, "I saw for the first time in my life is going to issue new Cem Yilmaz to this lady! You're out slow. Lady, let's leave Cem Yilmaz whole movie tickets in Turkey remove would offer to do 15 pounds you have no To sell tickets 40 pounds – deprived of the course … Good exits Cengizi passes, "he said.

The famous comedian Cem Yilmaz said in a statement from the social media, during an interview, "Cem Yilmaz is not another Cem Yilmaz," said Aslı Irmak Acar and said, "Miss," he replied.

Yilmaz, high-fare, criticized the company for criticizing the company … This is the first time I've seen in my life, this new lady will be Cem Yilmaz! Slow down. Lady, let's leave Cem Yilmaz will also remove all movie tickets do not sell tickets in Turkey offered for 15 pounds to 40 pounds is varmısın? Missing Y Good outputs Cengizi. This is the wrong address if people want to use the folks who take into account the daring! I will show again my movie 10 lira brothers corn free! Cem Yılmaz will let the sentence come true! Cem Yılmaz has no news …. rude.

Oh, man! I ask the artist in the movie, including those who take money, to those who have no criticism, how many pounds of movie tickets? I sell the movie to the audience how many votes to the audience, what is this lady on the ground? And he sells shamelessly populism! Set up your ticket £ 15! That's all I am! Thanks, now you've sent the microphone.

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