Celine Dion accused of Satanism by a priest

adminNovember 30, 2018

RELIGION – "Relax! Relax! I'm Celine Dion!", Says the Canadian star to the police who will put her under lock and key. His larceny? After exchanging the pink and blue clothes of a grandson with the non-sex-dressed clothes for her new brand of clothing for children. Fortunately, it's a promotional video of its ephemeral brand CELINUNUNU. On the other hand, what is true is the accusation of "Satanism" to which Celine Dion is exposed.

CELINUNUNU was launched on November 13th, and is a partnership with NUNUNU realized by Céline Dion, and alternatively proposes clothes for babies and children. The design is futuristic, simple and minimalist, with black / gray / white colors. The trademark claims unisex and non-sexual appearance:"CELUNUNUNU frees children from traditional boys / girls roles and allows young people to grow up on the values ​​of equality and freedom, says the website.

"It's definitely satanic"

As can be expected, this concept has been very uncomfortable for some curators. This is the Catholic magazine National Catholic Registry who, in an article about the launch of the brand of Celine Dion, asks the performance John Essef. It turns out that this priest, who made exorcism his favorite discipline, interpreted the creations of this unisex brand in his own way and did not weigh his words.

"I am convinced that this gender relationship is demonic," said Bishop John Esseff, who is from Pennsylvania, USA. He sees a conspiracy: "It's definitely satanic, there's a spirit behind it, superior and organized."

This priest rejects categorical gender issues: "I do not even know how many genres it will have now, but there are only two, and it is God who created them. The devil attacks children by confusing gender. When a child is born, what are they The first thing we say about this child? It's a boy or a girl. It is the most natural thing in the world to say. "

He concludes by saying, "The devil is a liar and great liar is told," before adding: "This is done for the money and there is a disagreement that comes from the devils' grades." To be forgiven, how many times will Celine Dion recite My pagan prayer?

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