Catriona on Australia's claim to the Miss Universe winner: I'm Miss Philippines

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Catriona on Australia's claim to the Miss Universe winner: I'm Miss Philippines

Rosette Adel ( – January 9, 2019 – 16:43

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 2018 On Wednesday, Catriona Gray spoke on "tug-of-war" between the Philippines and Australia after both countries acknowledged their victory in the prestigious party.

Asked if she felt "comfy" to compete against Miss Australia's Francesca Hung despite being a Filipino-Australian, Catriona said she didn't.

"No, because I really feel like I'm a Miss Philippines. I feel like a Filipina, a Filipino woman. It just happened that when I grew up, I was very much of an Australian, and I think I can be both , "Catriona host Kerry Justich told an interview with the New York City live interview series" Build Series. "

"I mean because I grew up [in] The two sides of the world if you wanted to, "she added.

Catriona was born in Cairns, Queensland to Scottish-born Australian father Ian Gray and Filipina's mother from Bicol Normita Magnayon-Gray. She has lived in the Philippines since graduating from the Trinity Anglican School in Cairns in 2011, but she also studied in the United States for music theory degree.

After winning Miss Universe, Catriona's victory was celebrated by the Australians with some media equipment that claimed her as their own representative.

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Cairn City Mayor Bob Manning announced earlier that he plans to hold a Mayoral reception for Catriona, a treatment for locals who have achieved World Cup status.

In December, Australia's "The Courier Mail" published a picture of Catriona's winning increasing moment on the front, but the paper crossed the word "Philippines" and replaced it with "Queensland".

Radio station Hit also published on its site a headline indicating: "An Australian girl has just won Miss Universe, but she was not missed Australia."

Catriona, however, laughed at this supposed fight to claim her title and said she can't blame the Australians.

"I just thought it was funny that it was this war, which, no, she's ours, she's practically a Miss Australia." But I'm a Miss Philippines. But I can't blame them for being excited, from really feeling also in the high season. So we let them get it, she said.

During the interview, Catriona said her Miss Universe victory was so different from her win at Binibining Pilipinas because she now has a wider audience.

When she represented the Philippines, Catriona said that "there was so much emphasis on it." She added that she wanted to legitimize the country in all aspects, including promoting textile, silhouettes, symbolism, history and culture.

"The Sash is not just lettering, it's a country so it was that weight," said the 25-year-old beauty queen.

She added that she is still learning a lot with her new role as Miss Universe.

"It's so complete that I don't just talk to Filipinos anymore, I'm talking to a global audience," she added, saying it was a big responsibility.

Catriona is the fourth filipina crowned as Miss Universe. She is now in New York City to fulfill her mission as a title holder.

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