Cathy Lugner reveals herself in the snow and holds her breasts in the camera

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Bayern / Düsseldorf –

Yes, she's back. And how!

After Cathy Lugner withdrew from the big headlights at the end of October due to illness, the beautiful 28-year-old had calmed down.

Here are the sad family news she shared with her fans last year.

Cathy Lugner: New year, new hot pics

But New Year also means a new good mood. Because in 2019 the blonde is left on Instagram. And provides eye-catching images. At Düsseldorf Schliersee, the Düsseldorf woman poses and shows her fans a deep extract.

And then presents a special look at their "snowballs". "Nasty as always," writes Lugner – and adds hashtags "# fun life" and "# backimleben". This looks like a healthy lifestyle.

How's Cathy Lugner's Health?

As her health is currently, Cathy leaves open. But she seems to have hope again. And will charge properly for the coming year.

A few days ago she sent a picture where she was balancing on a railing. "I'm back and sometimes life needs some balance from a …"

In another post she looks with a brilliant look in the camera: "Life is laughter – laughter is life," she writes. Words that fans naturally like to hear. "I'm so glad you're here again, and hopefully you'll be healthy again," the commentary says.

The most important thing is that you don't relax, dear Cathy!


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