Cathy Lugner returns after shock diagnosis

adminJanuary 7, 2019

For three months, Cathy Lugner was quiet. Now the reality star presents its first time back to its fans.

Cathy Lugner (29) shocked her fans three months ago with a sad message. The ex-Playmate thus received an unknown, poor diagnosis and announced to "withdraw because of health problems first".

For Instagram, she is talking for the first time since October to talk. With her 118,000 subscribers, she shares two snapshots that show her brilliantly in Bavaria. "I'm back," she writes. "And at least life requires some balance from you … Life is laughter – laughter is life." Encouraging but somewhat enigmatic words that still leave fans in the dark about what they really lacked.

Survey with "low power result"

Ex-wife of construction mug Richard Lugner (86) was in gynecological treatment according to a medical certificate and at that time talked about a study of "striking results" and "ugly findings". According to the document, Lugner had to undergo surgery. What the reality star got tired of and how she does today leaves Lugner.

Three months ago, the headlines of her former husband Richard Lugner, who was talking about a "gag" relative to Cathy's disease, became "Oe24". "Cathy's disease is just a gag. Her brother works in my office and didn't say a word, it's weird," said the millionaire at the time. Opposite "picture", "Mortar" said, "She almost disappeared in the sink, and I think she may have spent the money a little."

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