Cathy Lugner: Here she shows us his bulky XXL cleavage!

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Cathy Lugner returns to Instagram.
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She's back: erotic model Cathy Lugner (29), the former wife of the Viennese architect Richard "Mörtel" Lugner is back after less than three months on the photo and video network Instagram. For fans of several "Playboy" Bunnys a pure endless time, they were used for October last year, To be satisfied with abundant frank facts in good regularity,

Cathy Lugnger takes a day off for sick grandmother

But Cathy's network failure was known to have a sad background, in November in the opening example "Celebrities Private – My (almost) perfect life" on Sat.1 itself declared, Her grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's disease, Cathy took her in, wanted to take care of her. For Cathy, there was high Sat.1 announcement, so suddenly "family stress instead of red carpet". Certainly no easy task for the mother of ten-year-old Leonie.

Cathy Lugner: Busen-Kracher on Instagram

But now Cathy Lugner is back on Instagram – and straight up again. On her first two posts, she was still quite chastised and high-necked, one can't feel that the "old" Instagram Cathy is back in the third picture. With the outstretched tongue, the 29-year-old aerates his thick robe and presents his subscribers with a gigantic view of her décolleté.

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Cathy Lugner finds her naked Instagram comeback "rude as always"

Appropriate, Cathy Lugner is in the comment field of the picture, she is herself "naughty as always". For their fans, the naked Instagram comeback is well received. "I think it's great that you show how you feel right now and no matter what hair color, hair dresser, outfit … you are and everything is good …" says an Instagram subscriber, for example. Another confesses, "That's what I like and miss you!"

Welcome back!

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