Cathy Hummels on Instagram: FC Bayern star Mats Hummels offended vacation photo of his wife

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Dubai –

Ok, admittedly: The current holiday picture of the football player's beauty Cathy Hummels doesn't look very sexy. But must there be such an unpleasant comment, dear Mats?

Cathy and the star of Bayern Munich were on holiday in Dubai. On the Instagram account, the player now posted a slightly odd picture, where she is in an uncomfortable bag on a beach chair – well saved. Bauchlings, with their butt up, are almost in the sand. One constitutes that her husband Mats is probably reminiscent of an animal.

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"My husband says I look like a beach whale," Cathy writes to the Instagram image. She didn't know if it was comfortable, "but apparently," Hummels says. I was that long. "


Footballer Mats Hummels with his wife Cathy


picture alliance / Matthias Balk

Pretty nasty by Mats, who is currently sweating in the Doha training camp. After all, the blonde beauty took the whale and said to her husband with humor: "I think he's right."

That Cathy is anything but a whale, she has proven us more than enough with her other sexy Instagram posts.


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