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adminJanuary 11, 2019

In today's movie news, Roundup, Casting Directors has a new master contract, Roy Wood, Jr., hosts the WGA Awards in New York, and the Santa Barbara Film Festival presents opening and closing films.


Casting directors and casting affiliates have ratified a three-year successor contract to their main contract with studios and networks, covering around 400 professionals in Los Angeles and 100 in New York.

Reps for Teamsters Local 399 in Hollywood and Local 817 in New York reached a preliminary deal with Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers after four days of calls last month. Ratification meetings were held on Thursday.

Local 399 Secretary Treasurer Steve Dayan said the talks were difficult but led to significant improvement in the deal, which expires on September 30, 2021. The details have not yet been released.

"We are very proud of each of our Casting Steering Committee members from both Teamsters Local 399 and Teamsters Local 817," he said. "Without their support, insight and guidance on the urgent issues our members have encountered, we would not have been able to secure a fair and improved contract with AMPTP."

The support directors were able to obtain their first professional contract in 2005 after an organization campaign lasting three years. The next major Hollywood employment contract will expire will be SAG-AFTRA's deal with the advertising industry on March 31 with negotiations starting in mid-February.


Roy Wood, Jr., correspondent of "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," organizes the 71st Annual Writers Guild Awards at New York's Edison Ballroom on February 17.

"Authors are the red blood cells of film and television," Wood said. "And there is no greater reward than respect for your peers. I am honored to host what will certainly be the final WGA Awards before the studios try to replace all writers with some kind of Siri / Alexa algorithm sh * t."

Wood was voted host of Comedy Central's "This Happens" in 2017, and his first Comedy Central-time summary, "Father Figure," premiered that year. The other – "Roy Wood Jr.: No one loves you" – Premiere on January 25th.

Presenters on the show include Jimmy Fallon, Ellie Kemper, Mj Rodriguez, Tony Shalhoub and Kenan Thompson. Chelsea Peretti also organizes the West Coast WGA Prize Ceremonies at Beverly Hilton.


The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will open and close with two films about the Santa Barbara community to recognize last year's mudslides in Montecito who left 20 people dead.

The festival, now in its 34th edition, opens January 30 at the Arlington Theater with the world prize of "Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy", directed by Mimi deGruy. The documentary filmmaker had been an active advocate for sea animals before he died in a helicopter crash in Australia in Australia while filming for James Cameron.

The festival will close February 9 in Arlington with the surfing documentary "Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story", directed by Wyatt Daily. The event will feature 63 world premiere and 59 American prizes from 48 countries.

"After the tragedy last year in Santa Barbara, we asked to continue with last year's festival, but we came to realize the importance of film as a way for people to gather in the same way to reflect, feel and just experience art together," says Roger Durling, CEO.

"We've come in this year with a renewed sense of purpose and continuity with the festival and understand more than ever the important role we play in society," he added. "As such, we have chosen to book our festival with two films about iconic people and places in Santa Barbara to highlight the resistance, vitality and talent of the Santa Barbara community."

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