Castelo Branco furious after the video is deleted due to "maminha"

adminJanuary 8, 2019

José Castelo Branco today published in his Instagram account a video showing his anger against the censorship targeted by the social network.

At stake is a video published by the art dealer who showed one of the moments he spent in the reality show "Lost in the Tribe".

"Yesterday I wrote a video that a fan of mine sent me, of a picture of me in the trunk, of an episode", begins to explain.

"You think in two hours I had thirty-one of the likes, and suddenly the Instagram decided to clean because the lady showed her chest, the native showed her chest. If the native girl always goes without a bra, it's normal for her to show the baby ( …) And see, I got the video ", he regrets.

"Do you think it's normal? No, I don't think that's normal. This is false modesty.", criticize.

Watch the video in the gallery.

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